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+ Monetize fB Lives
+ Getting Business Credit
+ Software Shortcuts
+ Writing effective Ads
+ Scaling your Business
+ Monetizing Podcasts
+ Increase Referrals
+ Chat Bots w/ personality
+ Testimonials That Sell
+ Selling Secrets
+ Client Retention 
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  •  Bob scoured the internet for six months to put together 207 podcast episodes
  •  Then picked 20 experts who's solutions actually work to leapfrog the competition
  •  Bob's funny/snarky interview style keeps you engaged and he keeps the speakers on task! 
supercharge your profits
Bob Clark
Host  - 808 Digital Summit
Bob screened 457 people to get 207 experts on his podcast then distilled it down to the 20 biggest value bombs ever imaginable!
introducing the Speakers
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Casey Eberhart, The Ideal Networker
Casey Eberhart
The Ideal Networker
How To Network And Become An Influencer
Tyler Jorgenson
How to Ethically Steal ALL Potential Customers In Your Market
Dean DeLisle, Forward Progress
Dean DeLisle
Forward Progress
How to Rock Your Personal Brand
Ann Convery Speak Your Business
Ann Convery
Speak Your Business
5 Secret Steps To Attract Up To 40% More Clients In 60 Days
Trish Leto, 5 Minute Lives TM
Trish Leto
5 Minute Lives TM
How To Monetize 5 Minute Lives
Sonya Lee, Sonya Lee International
Sonya Lee
Sonya Lee International
Personal Branding Through Authentic Story Telling
Joe Lawrence, Business Credit Workshop
Joe Lawrence
Business Credit Workshop
How Every Entrepreneur Can Get $100K In Credit...Even If You’re Brand New!
Kim Dang, Kim C Dang
Kim Dang
Kim C Dang 
Chrome Extensions Simple Software That Gives You Monthly Income
Jeff Miller, Cool Beans Digital
Jeff Miller
Cool Beans Digital
Customer Research That Writes Ads
Nathan Hirsch, FreeeUp
Nathan Hirsch
Scaling Your Business With Remote Talent
Tony Banta & Peter Frumenti, Sales Team 6
Tony Banta & Peter Frumenti
Sales Team 6
How To Sell High Ticket Packages
Mike O'Neil, Integrated Alliances
Mike O'Neil
Integrated Alliances
How To Get Active On LinkedIn To Stir Up Business
Mitch Aunger, GiveawayRocket
Mitch Aunger
How To Use Giveaways To Increase Your Email List
Michelle Mras,
Michelle Mras
Overcoming You, Confronting Your Inner Critic, Change Your Mindset

Justin Womack
JMack Media
How to Become a Podcast Warrior
Alex Branning, Branning Group
Alex Branning
Branning Group
How to Use Chat Bots With Personality And Truly Connect 
Nathan Shearer, Funnel Fix It
Nathan Shearer
Funnel Fix It
7 Day Startup Adaptation to the "7 Hr Funnel Launch"
'TC' Teresa Clark, OnFire
'TC' Teresa Clark
OnFire Ignites
'TC' Talks Testimonials: how to Emotionally connect with your prospects
DeMarr Zimmerman, Banner Season
DeMarr Zimmerman
Banner Season
Building Relationships, Retention & Referrals Through Personalization & Automation
Joseph Gallucci,
Joseph Gallucci
11 Secrets Credit Card Processing Companies Don't Want You To Know About
20 Value Bombs that increase profits and save time!
  •  How 507 entrepreneurs just like you made their own 7 figure sales funnel
  •  Increase your sales copy conversions by over 136%
  •  Find the 5 people at every networking event to triple your referrals 
  •  Compel prospects to chase you down using your story
  •  How to write Facebook ad research to save you 1000s in ad spend
  •  How improving your mindset will increase your sales dramatically
  •  How to hire the right free lancers to save you 37 hours a week or more
  •  How to launch your sales funnel in 7 hours
  •  How understanding your client avatar will make you more profits 
  •  How to sell more high-ticket packages
  •  How to keep yourself top of mind with your current customers 
  •  How to get over 105k in credit from banks 
  •  Learn the tricks that Credit Card Processors don’t want you to know
  •  How to use Podcasts to make a huge profit for your business
  •  Using Chrome Extensions to add $1007 a month and more
  •  How to use Facebook lives to triple your sales in 5 minutes a day
  •  How to get & use testimonials, have you clients sell for you
  •  How to use Facebook Chatbots to increase sales by over 87%
  •  How to use LinkedIn to get access to over 112 leads a day
  •  Use giveaways to increase your list by 10X with targeted prospects 
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